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Mac N Cheese

Do you actually chew your macaroni and cheese? I’m asking about the stuff that you buy in a box. The stuff that will slide right down your throat if you just put it in your mouth and swallow. I think … Continue reading

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Frendei’s Letter

F-, I need an item forgotten in a closet in the Grazlov estate in town. Guard dogs roam inside the gate. The sides of the house are less guarded than the front or back. I will have the rear window … Continue reading

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Frendei Start

Frendei was chilled to the bone. The Halfling stood in the pouring rain, trying hard to etch the details of the stone mansion in his mind. At his feet, rivulets of water wore hard at the muddy road. The job … Continue reading

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Government Representative

Representative 1: one that represents another or others: as a: one that represents a constituency as a member of a legislative body,… b: one that represents another as agent, deputy, substitute, or delegate usually being invested with the authority of … Continue reading

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Man Slips on Pillow

Monkey Press. 06/12/2008 A husband slipped and fell, cracking his head on the wall after stepping on a pillow left on the bedroom floor yesterday. The pillow, being light and fluffy, was not stable enough to support proper footing as … Continue reading

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Gairloch, Beginning

Life underground was rough, with all the creatures that wanted to eat you. One never knew when a perfectly peaceful mining operation would turn into a fight for your life. Ambushes were easier to handle if you simply used one … Continue reading

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More Domestic Musings

I’ve neglected keeping up on domestic duties for too long now. Vacation is well over, and I need to see what I can do about re-tidying up.

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For Those With More Domestic Tastes

Tuesday night I bough new stereo speakers. That means the big, huge ones can come out of the living room. Then, I combined the stereo center with the phone stand. Now I have room for at least one, probably two … Continue reading

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Dreams: I Fought The Law

One day in a bizarre psychiatrist office: PhD: Mr. Paul, Looks like you are still having troubles sleeping. What was it this time? Aliens? Sheep dressed as clowns? Your mother-in-law? Patient: I was fighting a police officer. I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Deliberate Misleading

Yesterday morning the topic of the message was that God covered us when he could have killed us. The evangelist started in Genesis, when God covered Adam and Eve in animal skins after their sin to cover their nakedness. He … Continue reading

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