Man Slips on Pillow

Monkey Press. 06/12/2008

A husband slipped and fell, cracking his head on the wall after stepping on a pillow left on the bedroom floor yesterday. The pillow, being light and fluffy, was not stable enough to support proper footing as the husband walked on top of it. This instability caused he foot to keep moving when it should have been firmly planted. The resulting mishap caused him to lose his balance and fly head-first into an outward pointing corner of the room.

Emergency response was too late to successfully save all the pieces of brain on the carpet. Also, all the city’s horses and all the city’s men couldn’t properly arrange the cranial pieces together again.

The wife was too distraught to comment.

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3 Responses to Man Slips on Pillow

  1. The Wife says:

    The husband’s life insurance is up to date, right?

  2. Estranged Foreigner says:

    So “The Wife” in you country with large “life” insurances, you need say a new man around house eh? I like “sugar mama” , I need green card. I no like a pillow.

  3. Roger says:

    I guess the wife is no longer too distraught to comment…

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