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Problems – Updated

Link problems should all be resolved. Carry on.

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The Squirrels Are Getting Smarter

The bird feeder is squirrel-proof. It’s spring-loaded and drops down to cover the opening when something heavier than a bird is on the perch. I caught a squirrel on it the other day. It was bending the metal that covers … Continue reading

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In An Effort To Spread Myself Thinner

I have created a Google Blog (Blogger) account. I wanted a place where I could post via email some of the thoughts that come into my head throughout the day. Now when I’m at work and something hits me, I … Continue reading

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I’m Not Writing A Country Music Song

But my dog died on Wednesday night. She was 12 years old. After a few month of not really eating and losing her pep, her organs shut down and she died at home in the evening. And I am a … Continue reading

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Royal Red Robin Burger

Other burgers are a mere step in the evolution of delicious. This burger is gustatory nirvana. Taste with me, as we close our eyes and imagine a bite of the utopian staple, the bacon, egg, and cheeseburger. Feel the congealing … Continue reading

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It’s Official*

I am no longer funny. I know. I know. I’m sorry. Gasp in disbelief. Scream in horror. Tear out your hair, rend your clothes, gnash your teeth. Make an appointment with your shrink. I just don’t have it any more. … Continue reading

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Learning Experience

If your car’s AC isn’t working properly, you have two choices on how to drive down the interstate on a hot day. We’ve now tried them both. Option 1: Ride with the windows up and the vents blasting. Riding with … Continue reading

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Canobie Lake Park

Here’s the problem: My car’s AC is not working properly. I can’t explain it, but something is wrong. Well, maybe I could explain it, but I’m not going to take the time to unless someone asks me. Therefore, we drove … Continue reading

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There can now be some debate as to whether it is cheaper to go away on vacation or to stay home. Here’s what we’ve spent so far: Paved Driveway: $1,850 Picture frame for my map: $230 Some stuff at Wal*Mart: … Continue reading

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My Independence Day Post

Everyone other US blogger will surely have their own 4th of July post. Hopefully mine is unique. I have no plans for today. It’s not that I don’t want plans. It’s not that I don’t want to celebrate a holiday. … Continue reading

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Frendei’s Beginning

This is the whole version of the story I posted a couple snippets to. I know it doesn’t have so much of an ending as it does a beginning. F-, Tonight I need an item forgotten in a closet in … Continue reading

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