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On Unions

This was inspired by Scoob’s comment. I can’t say I’m really for unions. In the jobs I’ve held, I was hired to do X job for Y dollars per hour and Z benefits. The benefits weren’t even my idea, they … Continue reading

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There are hermit crabs and hermit people. What about hermit monkeys? “Johnny, stay away from the crazy monkey that lives by himself in the cave outside of town! He’ll beat his chest and fling poo at you. He shows his … Continue reading

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Everyone Else Is Changing

I nominate Frary to be the change here in Maine. Can I say, now that I’m here, how stupid I think “change” is for this presidential race? The current president cannot be president again next term. Therefore, we’ll have a … Continue reading

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Lothar – Beginning

Lothar drove another replacement post into the ground behind Hobgoblin Wall. This section of the wall was named after the creatures that caused the wall to be built. Fifty years prior, the greenskins had attacked the town from out of … Continue reading

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Sunshiny Day Off

Here I am with a wonderful day off. The sun is shining, neighborhood dogs are barking, there might even be some birds at my feeder. Why do I have a Thursday off, you ask? Oh, just a little thing called…pneumonia. … Continue reading

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Villains Have Feelings, Too

It’s difficult to remember that villains have feelings, too. I know in the books you read a lot about the bad guy becoming the bad buy because of the fact that he has feelings and someone has hurt them. I’m … Continue reading

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Point of View

We sat around the kitchen table painting little metal miniatures. The screen door opened and closed, distracting me from work at hand. Host turned around and said “Hello.” He looked back to me to explain, “This is our friend, Mary,” … Continue reading

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Finished Miniature

The first time I painted, it was a short session, relatively unproductive. Then I couldn’t get a good close up of the miniature. While I can now boast that the painting is complete, my picture is little to no better … Continue reading

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More Orange Slices

These puppies are pure sugar. I wonder if they are hurting my pancreas and my ability to process glucose. Wouldn’t it suck to become diabetic just because I can’t keep my hands out of the orange slice bag? Either they … Continue reading

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The Joys of Volunteering

This year I will be a professional information guru at the American Folk Festival! Want to know where the lame all-banjo band is playing today? I call tell you. I have a festival schedule! Yes, they are on hand in … Continue reading

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Modern Amenities…

disease our minds as well as our bodies. Sedentary lives lead to obesity and all the health woes included therein. The mind wastes as it spends fruitless hours engorged with entertainment, whether on the TV or the internet, at the … Continue reading

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Fork Anxiety

We don’t use near as many forks as we do spoons. I wonder if other families are like that. What if we’re different? What if we’re strange? What if we’re not like everyone else?

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A Book List

I had something else for today, but this is much better. It is stolen from Kari. The story is that apparently the National Endowment for the Arts estimates that the average adult has only read six of these books. Here … Continue reading

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