Everyone Else Is Changing

I nominate Frary to be the change here in Maine.

Can I say, now that I’m here, how stupid I think “change” is for this presidential race? The current president cannot be president again next term. Therefore, we’ll have a different man as president next term. Since we won’t have the same man, we will have change regardless of who is there.

Too bad some people can’t be more creative.

See, on the other hand, our current congressman could potentially be back in his position next year. Therefore, I am suggesting something that might not otherwise happen.

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8 Responses to Everyone Else Is Changing

  1. I think I’m voting for Frary too. He’s funny, appears honest and he running against the incumbent sludge. Worth my vote.

  2. Roger says:

    He was also at two events I was at recently: The 4th of July parade and the Folk Festival.

    Then again, so was Susan Collins. 😐

  3. Scoob says:

    Hmm, he seems interesting that is more than most politicians. I shall have to check into him more!
    I live in a quandary, I am independent but I am pro-union and most unions support and are supported by Democrats but yet I am in law enforcement a field of most certain conservative and very Republican ideals.

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  5. Roger says:

    Scoob, I doubt one semi-Republican in Congress will ruin your union for you.

    These days, when I think of Democrat, all I can think of is communism. Or Socialism at its worst. They want the working class to pay for everything for the lazy class. Don’t you have enough taken out of your paycheck yet?

    My understanding of the general stance of the Republican party is that they are for a minimalistic government. I like that.

  6. Scoob says:

    I see it a little differently, I actually dislike each party equally. I find that they each speak rhetoric that displays their party’s “ideals” but when it comes to make actual decisions the waiver and only perpetuate each others own corrupt personal agendas. As for Republicans being for a minimalistic government that is an ideal that is wishy washy at best. The idea that our government should be less intrusive and be smaller (I would hope more efficient) is great but they haven’t shown that. Wire taping bills and infringements on people’s personal lives don’t bespeak of a smaller government. The Democrats are no better, their perpetuating of the socialist reforms that where created after the great depression and only meant to BE TEMPORARY only hurt us as well. The time when people would actually work for what they earn is long gone. Look at our own state, people move to Maine to get on welfare because it is so easy! If we stopped giving people free money for being lazy then I’m sure our state would be a lot more bountiful and less impoverished. I see every day people who are “disabled” and collect state/federal checks but work under the table or who are totally physically fit. It disgusts me and everyday I sit and wonder if it might be worth moving to another nation. . . but then the grass is rarely greener on the other side.

  7. Roger says:

    You are not the first person to point out that each parties “ideals” no longer seem to be in play.

    Alas, it would be nice to vote for, and elect, someone who is honest and has integrity.

  8. Cousin Dave says:

    Vote for Osama Bid Laden. We at least know where he truly stands..

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