On Unions

This was inspired by Scoob’s comment.

I can’t say I’m really for unions.

In the jobs I’ve held, I was hired to do X job for Y dollars per hour and Z benefits. The benefits weren’t even my idea, they just came with the job. As I have always done X, as required, I have always been paid Y. There was never any need for some middleman digging into my Y and making promises he couldn’t back up. Sam’s Club/Wal*Mart tells you straight out that they don’t have unions, and if you seek to create one, you’ll probably end up worse off than when you started. I believed it. They started us on a higher pay scale than other jobs. They gave us Z unasked for benefits. There was a lot W*M’s lawyers could take away, if they wanted to get into a flexing match. I was never interested in getting paid less to push carts.

I get treated very, very well by the hospital I work for, in my opinion. Again, I do X, and they pay me Y, just like we agreed when I was first hired. Plus, they up Y on a yearly basis (sometimes more often), though I don’t believe that was part of our beginning agreement. Management is not out to get me and I don’t need the protection of some middleman, again dipping into my Y. If I have a problem, there are very good grievance procedures in place.

Now, in my limited experience, I’ve never heard of a union protecting an innocent employee who was unnecessarily getting harassed by evil management. I don’t believe that most management is evil. It is run by normal people who, yes, have a sinful nature, but these people, again in my experience, are not evil people trying to mess with innocent employees who do their X, as agreed, every day. The only stories I have heard are unions protecting slacking employees. People who are habitually late (my stepfather always used to call into work saying his truck wouldn’t start…the guy had never even gone out to try to start it…he was just lazy and didn’t want to get up in the morning) or people who want to do as little work as possible, or people who want over and above what they agreed to when they signed on for the job…these are the people that I hear about getting represented by the unions and having their jobs saved for them. I disagree with this. I think these are the people who need to be fired.

As I’ve stated before, my experience, including hearsay, is rather limited. I’d love to hear some stories that change my mind and actually make it seem like unions are a worthwhile part of society. Until then, I believe they are as useless as the space program.

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  1. Scoob says:

    I can agree to some point that Unions can be use to protect the useless, but then so does nepotism. Unions are not what they once where or what they where originally created for, much like our country. I do have personal experience with the good and the bad of unions, through my father and through myself. I don’t believe that unions are for every company, some workplaces do actually seem to have a benevolent employer and have no need of a union. In my field of work I believe in a union as I have seen our administrator go head hunting and seeking out or even creating situations through intimidation to get at one individual. The union stepped (me as it’s representative) in and it was squashed. I have represented people and they where in the wrong, I’ve told them to fess up and take the discipline that merited their transgression. I’ve told my constituents that they need to tell me all the truth and I’ll help them with their discipline but that they will be disciplined for what they have done and they will have to take it. Our administration has a habit of listening to accusations of those that we watch (already a very unreliable source) over the officers who are polygraphed, grilled over interviews and pre-employment evaluations, and heavily ingrained with training to be the most professional that we can make them. That is not to say that some bad apples do slip through the cracks. Of course as a side note our jail administrator has most of her family incarcerated with us anyway (the union had to fight to have them housed in other jails, though we fought to have a policy that any family of any employee be sent elsewhere). This was largely implemented due to the fact the the admin in question use her authority to protect her family and they in turn used their relation against officers.
    I agree that there are those that take advantage of the union and what they represent. I hold faith that those that due will get caught and when that they are that I and other union representatives will be without power to help them.

    As for the space program! Yeah it is rather useless.

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