POW: Back Room Corner

Project of the Week: Clean out the corner of the back room, the computer room, in preparation of moving my filing cabinet out from under my second desk. I will thereby by able to get under the second desk to use it for storage. Essentially it’s just moving things around and getting some of the clutter out of view.

The hardest part is probably figuring out what to do with the extra blankets. They used to be on top of the bookshelf, but that was moved to the living room. It doesn’t look right to have blankets on top of the bookshelf in there. Plus, there’s other stuff on top of them now. It is a small house, indeed, when I don’t really have a handy place for the extra blankets.

Also, a second, and maybe harder, project of the week is for me to install the replacement garage door sensors. I hope to do this on Saturday morning while my wife is taking CPR recertification.

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