Evil cannot stand up to a knight. I’ve seen them, coming into a town on business known only to them. There is a strange, otherworldly presence about a knight. There is a brilliance that exists even if his armor is dented and dulled.

Bullies, waiting in ambush to harass those who are too young…or too old…disappear when a knight arrives. So do the snakes and many beggars, which probably means something sinister.

The goodwives come out and try to catch his attention, waving handkerchiefs and calling well-wishes. Neighbors remain on the streets and mingle, putting aside their natural reticence and distrust, at least until the knight is out of view.

All this I have seen, and more, when a night rides into Moussillon.

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3 Responses to Knight

  1. ted says:

    It is the stench of death that clings to their sword, the undeniable truth that they have faced the scathe of the grim reaper and sent another in their stead.

  2. Roger says:

    And the really cool tassel on their helmet.

    (Seriously. Cool addition, Ted.)

  3. ted says:

    probably mostly the tassel

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