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Hide & Seek

I ran as fast as I could through the dense jungle, my feet slipping and sliding over mossy roots. I was going so fast it didn’t matter; my feet only touched each surface for a split second. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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BD 2008 Loot List

(In case I ever want to look back.) Hanging hammock chair Magazine subscription Battery powered magnifying glass/lamp Molasses cookies Bin (bucket-o) whoopee pies and cash Plate of whoopee pies Sleeve of Mountain Dew Borders gift card Two Dilbert books (not … Continue reading

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Hallmark is Amazing

I didn’t even know they made “Happy Birthday to my Underachiever Husband” cards!

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Ahh, sleep…

Did you ever just want to sleep all day? No, I mean sometime when you weren’t depressed. Anyway, how come the bed’s so comfortable in the morning? What? No, I haven’t been looking at your medical records. No, I just … Continue reading

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If you want to do the Facebook thing, I’m in. I’m slowly searching people out. It’s been rather a success. Feel free to send me a note. I started because some people from work were talking about it and made … Continue reading

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The Caves

(When all else fails, write some fiction…) The caves seemed to go on forever. As far as they could tell, the group had been heading roughly south for quite some time. That was the direction the cave system started in, … Continue reading

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I’m slowly, very slowly, working through my do-nothing attitude that seems to have taken over. I’ve pretty much just been reading lately. Yesterday, though, I got myself up for a men’s breakfast and folded some laundry. Today I washed some … Continue reading

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