Hide & Seek

I ran as fast as I could through the dense jungle, my feet slipping and sliding over mossy roots. I was going so fast it didn’t matter; my feet only touched each surface for a split second. I didn’t have long to get away.

I slid under the roots of a fallen tree. It was the jungle, so take whatever size tree you’re thinking about and multiply it by five. At least.

I tried not to leave boot prints or I would be caught for sure.

As I wriggled my way further into the root system, I tried to slow my breathing. Sound would give me away more quickly than my tracks. I curled up behind a particularly large root and started breathing through my nose.

I counted to 100 before I could hear movement. There was the sound of very deliberate walking and of something sniffing the air. I didn’t stand a chance. They had followed me straight here.

I tried to make myself smaller behind the root, but I heard the crack of wood and a large hand reached around the root to grab me. It was over.

The gorilla set me down outside the fallen tree and blew its lips out at me. “You found me, Bumpai. You’re getting better at this. The gorilla took a banana out of my shirt pocket and broke it open, holding out half to share with me.

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