The Caves

(When all else fails, write some fiction…)

The caves seemed to go on forever. As far as they could tell, the group had been heading roughly south for quite some time. That was the direction the cave system started in, and, though winding, it was the general direction the tunnels continued.

The enormous chamber, which had recently been filled with a goblin army, was a smelly mass of urine and excrement. Foul smelling puddles dotted the expansive floor. Piles of fecal matter littered not-so-private nooks. The stench would repulse a troll.

If the cave system really was spreading out to the south, that meant it opened up directly under Hobbly proper. The group found out for sure when they found a tunnel spiraling upward to the surface. The tunnel ended with a wooden door. No light shined around the edges.

“Here, let me listen,” Frendei offered. He snuck forward and set his ear against the door. He paused. “Nothing.”

“Let’s open it and find out what’s on the other side.” Dorian wasn’t too happy about traveling underground. “Llew, get ready in case there are more goblins around.”

The door opened with some difficulty. It seemed to be pushing something else out of the way, evidenced by a light rattling noise. Frendei thought it sounded like glass.

The party slid through the partially opened door, Llewellyn first with her sword drawn. They looked around. “Basement,” Dorian whispered.

“Alchemist, from what I see,” Frendei clarified. “See all those glass vials, flasks, and tubes? Also, looks like there are some finished concoctions over here.” He picked up a vial labeled “Trollbane.” “And newly made, too. Must be for me.”

Francis spoke up from the wall opposite the hidden door. “And who lives on the other side of the alchemist? I think this goes to Danica’s basement.” The hole wasn’t finished, but he could see into the cellar next door, with help from his flickering torch. “What, exactly, were these goblins planning, anyway?”

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