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Driving In the Dark

I don’t like driving in the dark. I’m not sure I ever really have. Highway driving in the dark isn’t too big of a deal; it’s the main road driving I’m not too fond of. Here’s what I don’t like: … Continue reading

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To My Mother, For Her Fiftieth Birthday

Today we’ll gather at my mother’s house to celebrate her 50th birthday (though it actually occurred on Christmas Eve). My uncle has made a casket, and my aunt bought a coffin-shaped cake. My aunt is writing a eulogy, and my … Continue reading

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Christmas Morning

In my house, Christmas morning is kept open for our household to celebrate together. Currently that’s just me and my wife, but I’m constantly reminded that this could be subject to change sometime in the next few years. You never … Continue reading

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Christmas Loot 2008, cont.

Tuesday, December 22nd: We went to my in-laws. To help remember, I’ll list presents received from oldest to youngest in the house. Ted Dekker’s Chosen, Infidel, and Chaos. That leaves me with only having to find Renegade. Sweet. For some … Continue reading

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Let the Christmas Loot List Begin!

Saturday, December 20th: Yearly shopping trip sponsored by my father in law. Polartec winter hat from Cabela’s in Scarborough. I only needed it for the day as I didn’t have either of my other hats on me, but I like … Continue reading

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Stupid Toe Terms

Tootsies, tootsies Are toes on your footsies!

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Time Travel

Stop beeping at me, microwave! Have you ever noticed how fast two minutes can go by when you’re on the internet? I believe I’ve found the secret to time travel! And my supper is done.

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When nothing else comes to mind, talk about your boring life! The garage wall is complete. There are only minor repercussions, like having incredible difficulty closing the back door to the garage. Nothing a saws-all won’t fix… I have next … Continue reading

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