Christmas Loot 2008, cont.

Tuesday, December 22nd: We went to my in-laws. To help remember, I’ll list presents received from oldest to youngest in the house.

Ted Dekker’s Chosen, Infidel, and Chaos. That leaves me with only having to find Renegade. Sweet. For some reason I didn’t get these as they came out like I do with all of Ted’s other books. I think it might be because they are young adult and not in the section of the bookstore where I find his other books. That’s just a theory.

Ted Dekker’s Adam. Yes, as you can tell from reading above, I already have it. No, it wasn’t on my list again. Whatever, though. It’s a kind of extended version with an extra chapter and an interview at the end. I guess it’s time to read it again.

Faded Glory long sleeve dark blue shirt (rather like long john material). I wore a light blue one to the house that night. How ironic. Good call.

Big Daddy Weave’s newest CD, What Life Would Be Like. (I’m not sure how to properly list a CD…do I underline, italicize, or what?) Straight off the top of my list. I’ve listened to it a couple times through now. The Phil Collins song caught me unawares. There’s some good stuff and some mediocre stuff. I wish they wouldn’t have gotten away from using the sax so much. We miss it.

Carrying case for my digital camera. I have been wanting one of those for a while now. Krissy said I was pretty excited when I opened it. I carried the camera slung over my shoulder the rest of the night.

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