Let the Christmas Loot List Begin!

Saturday, December 20th: Yearly shopping trip sponsored by my father in law.

Polartec winter hat from Cabela’s in Scarborough. I only needed it for the day as I didn’t have either of my other hats on me, but I like this one. It makes a great third hat. Also, technically, I paid for it out of my checking account by mistake instead of using my Christmas money from my father in law. Oops.

Miniature globe from Delorme in Yarmouth. Two years ago I bought a huge wall map and didn’t get it actually framed until this last year. It was expensive to frame because it was so large. Last year I got a small translucent globe paperweight. This year, the mini globe. I think it will go well in the living room on one of the bookshelves.

Polartec driving gloves from LL Bean in Freeport. My old driving gloves were two years old, and this was one of the items on my list to buy this year. My previous gloves were a bit too small. These ones, the next size up, are a bit too large. I guess my hands are extra medium.

45″ hiking boot laces from LL Bean in Freeport. My LL Bean hiking boot laces herniated shortly after I got them (as a present?). I’ve been waiting all year to go buy replacement laces. I don’t want to hear any smart talk about having LL Bean outlet stores 12 and 25 minutes away. For some reason I waited for the yearly Bean trip. Oh well.

Timberland (MTSHASTA?) brown shoes from Timberland in Freeport. These were also on my list for the year as the ones I had were a couple years old and the soles were wearing thin. Other than that, they were still great shoes. I really like these shoes as they are comfortable, somewhat business, and somewhat leisure.

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