To My Mother, For Her Fiftieth Birthday

Today we’ll gather at my mother’s house to celebrate her 50th birthday (though it actually occurred on Christmas Eve). My uncle has made a casket, and my aunt bought a coffin-shaped cake. My aunt is writing a eulogy, and my sister is also writing something special to read at the fake wake. Here’s my offering.

Today we come to put closure on a special time in life,
Be you mother, father, sister, daughter, cousin, man, or wife.
We say goodbye to the fabulous forties, 10 years of our lives
But, like all things in life, the forties had to die.
It saw two weddings, two grandchildren, and an NP degree,
Many vacations, much national travel, and a car or three.
Now we wrestle with our sadness, and steel against all fears
Of seeing once again the feisty pumpkin hair in coming years.
So gather round the casket, help lay the forties to their rest
And join us looking forward, knowing the 50’s will be best.

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