Den Envy

Is it OK that I’m jealous of Kari’s card catalog? Because I totally am.

Alas, I am no librarian. However, I do have books. I love books. Here are my bookshelves and my living room reading area:


(Yes, those are Christmas lights. They stay up year round. Yes, that’s crappy wallpaper and border that came with the house. Never mind them. Stay focused.)

I don’t have a card catalog, but my books are arranged alphabetically by author. My wife’s books, on the other hand…some are alphabetically by author. The state books are alphabetically by state (or, more accurately, by the name of the book). The collections are alphabetically by the name of the book. And the Christmas ones are arranged by height.

Are we strange?

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2 Responses to Den Envy

  1. Kari says:

    It is okay to be jealous of it, because it is very awesome and I love it so much. It makes me happy that other people like it, too.

    My books aren’t alphabetical or Dewey Decimal. I would hate to always have to rearrange when I got something new. hehe.

  2. I’m definitely no librarian. Or even as retentive as you. My books go on the shelf, based on where there is an open slot when I’m done with the book. 🙂

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