In Which I Pretend to Work for FactCheck or Snopes

Every once in a while I hear some new things that I like to check out. That reminds me other other things I meant to look into. Here are three I just researched today.

1) Obama wants to change the national anthem.

Answer: False.

I heard this one just today from my wife, who admitted that she never checks the source of the rumors she hears. Apparently this one has been going around for a while, I just never heard it. Amazing. I thought I got all spam that was going around…

2) Our economic stimulus money comes from China.

Answer: A portion of it probably does.

China is not the only country that holds our treasury debt, nor is it the one which holds the most. That’s Japan, though China is probably catching up. Read the link.

3) The newer ethanol based gasoline is not safe for outdoor power equipment.

Answer: There is a definite concern that you should look into.

Read the linked article carefully, check your machine’s manufacture date, read your owner’s manual, and follow manufacturer instructions. Add some K100 to your tank. You can purchase it locally at O’Neill’s Power Equipment.

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