Unnatural Slumber

The behemoth slowly raised his head, like a groggy boxer arising from an unexpected uppercut. The creature’s giant arms moved like a glacier on speed. He turned his unsteady head, wobbly as a newborn following the warm bottle you hold tantalizingly out of reach.

The mouth opened to inhale the atmosphere of an entire planet. He let out a sigh that would change the orbit of a lesser satellite. Plants withered from his rotten breath; he could never quite get all the charred flesh out of his teeth. Miles away, a cow mysteriously recollected the smell of the bull who used to share her paddock.

The monster lifted it’s mass, creating a new weather system when the air rushed in to fill the void. The sound of vertebrae aligning shattered the eardrums of a nearby flock of puffins. The creature’s eyes rolled back into its head as its body slammed again onto the lush vegetation.

Man, I hate getting up in the morning.

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