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Clothing Concerns

I hate, hate, hate to admit this, but I need new clothes. I don’t really like buying new clothes. I have clothes. I prefer to spend money on books or other leisure items. I’d even rather spend money on food, … Continue reading

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Planned Snacking

Earlier in the day, I often plan what I’m going to snack on later that night. (Tonight is popcorn, by the way.) I gave this some thought tonight, and there are a few reasons why I think my planned snacking … Continue reading

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Premeditated Slacking

I’m supposed to check out a gym after work. I told myself that I needed to start working out again. After my recent sickness, my second pneumonia within 7 months, I decided I need to up the exercise. In high … Continue reading

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Aggravating Headache

Yesterday we drove a couple hours to see a loved one who is in the hospital post-op. The night before we had both had trouble sleeping, as my sickness kept us in bed the day prior. Somehow, after spending all … Continue reading

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Respiratory Illness Boy Returns

I started getting bronchitis symptoms on Saturday, the same day we decided to clean the house, by some odd coincidence. Sunday it was more up into my sinuses, which is the opposite directly these things usually travel. I’ve been a … Continue reading

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