Aggravating Headache

Yesterday we drove a couple hours to see a loved one who is in the hospital post-op. The night before we had both had trouble sleeping, as my sickness kept us in bed the day prior. Somehow, after spending all day in bed, our bodies just didn’t want to sleep by the time actual bedtime rolled around.

So off we drove to Portland, sick and sleep-deprived.

By the time we were able to stop in Freeport, I was pretty spaced out from staring at the interstate in the sweltering hot car. (We can never get the right temperature in the car. When Krissy’s comfortable, I’m sweating).

In Portland I did pretty good while we were moving about, checking out the house and visiting. At one point things slowed down and I laid on the couch for a few minutes. I think my poor body thought it was time to sleep.

Well, I had to wake it up to go to the hospital. Things there aren’t perfect; our darling little girl doesn’t want to eat, drink, or move after her surgery. By the time we left, I was sporting a pretty annoying headache, not connected to the hospital visit.

We drove to Augusta for supper. When we finally sat down to order our drinks, I practically felt like crying due to how my body felt and the relentless pain in my head. This is not something that happens often, if ever. I took four ibuprofen, which is prescription strength and something else I don’t usually do, and had a Barq’s (which has some caffeine).

After dinner, I rode home with a much dulled headache and a feeling almost like contentment.

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