Clothing Concerns

I hate, hate, hate to admit this, but I need new clothes.

I don’t really like buying new clothes. I have clothes. I prefer to spend money on books or other leisure items. I’d even rather spend money on food, which doesn’t last very long considering other things you can buy.

Unfortunately, I need new clothes. The majority of my wardrobe seems to be faded, spotted, or stained. My wife has given up trying to tell me this; she just irons the clothes and lets me wear them. I’ve done a little ironing recently, however, and I have been unable to ignore the facts left under my nose.

*sigh* There goes my fun budget for a few months.

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2 Responses to Clothing Concerns

  1. ted says:

    too bad you didn’t figure that out before Steve & Barrys’ went under.

  2. Krissy says:

    Funny, this post is over 2 months old and I don’t think we have bought you more than a couple of cheap (very cheap) t-shirts. I would be happy to do some shopping for you…

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