Respiratory Illness Boy Returns

I started getting bronchitis symptoms on Saturday, the same day we decided to clean the house, by some odd coincidence.

Sunday it was more up into my sinuses, which is the opposite directly these things usually travel. I’ve been a bit miserable the last 24 hours.

Earlier today, I pulled a muscle in my ribs shoveling the walkway. That’s pathetic. I use a snow blower for most of the yard. I shouldn’t be pulling muscles on just a few shovelfuls.

Just now I dumped half of my dinner down the sink by mistake.

Totally strange days.

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2 Responses to Respiratory Illness Boy Returns

  1. ted says:

    “I use a snow blower for most of the yard. ”

    You snowblow your yard?

  2. Roger says:

    No, I suppose I only snowblow the driveway. Good catch.

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