Doggie Dentures

My sister’s dog got into my mother’s Super PoliGrip the other day. (It’s for her crown…really)

Before I get into that, did you know that PoliGrip has “the unique patented Ooze-Control Tip®?” Why does that not sound inviting? I know I should be sold on that fact alone, but I find myself oddly repulsed instead.


Anyway, the dog getting into the PoliGrip got my thinking: What if the dog’s jaw had hardened together? Would you have to take the dog to the vet to chisel the teeth apart? Or, would the vet have to yank the teeth? Would the dog then get doggie dentures?

I can see a dog trying to bark at the mailman when suddenly its teeth pop out. “Woof, woof!” *whump* “Whimper, whimper…”

At least it might control the dog’s ooze…

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