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Josiah stood outside the convenience store, sucking on a Tootsie Pop while his trenchant flapped in the breeze. A desperate looking man headed toward the establishment door, eyes darting. Josiah deliberately kept his face forward and his eyes looking in … Continue reading

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Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow

File Under: Christian – Fiction – Law I found Deeper Water to be an unexpectedly interesting book about a young woman from a dedicated Christian home. She is a law student going to the big city for an internship. Since … Continue reading

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Family Friendly is Expensive

Yeah, so I’m doing more things with my family. Can I tell you that it’s mostly eating out? This is getting expensive! My dining out monthly expenses have increased since June. May: $138.55 June: $211.21 July: $240.49 Aug: $265.03 (so … Continue reading

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Project Complete

I completed my project of the week on Wednesday last week. Midweek church service was unexpectedly canceled due to a death. I had the night free, and I went for it. I’m still sorting through little slips of paper and … Continue reading

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Project of the Week: Clean the desk!

It’s sad to officially term this a project, but I really need to get the other 2/3 of my desk clean. It hasn’t happened just saying I need to do it, so now it’s a project. I have until Saturday … Continue reading

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GRE Results

I left the test feeling pretty good with the grades that immediately popped up. Once I received my official grades in the mail yesterday, though, I was little disappointed. I had more fun on the writing section, so I would … Continue reading

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Family Friendly

I have actually been spending a lot of time with my family for the past few months. This is a change for me. Normally I’m pretty covetous of my free time. I also don’t want to seem pretentious to spend … Continue reading

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