Family Friendly

I have actually been spending a lot of time with my family for the past few months. This is a change for me.

Normally I’m pretty covetous of my free time. I also don’t want to seem pretentious to spend time with people that I haven’t kept up with very well thus far in life. Things can change, though.

I’ve seen my cousin Dave a lot more lately than before, a trend that was long overdue. I’ve seen his son, and boy didn’t the cameras appear out of nowhere the time I held him! For someone pretty darn indifferent to, if not disliking of, babies, that is a big step.

I have the text announcing the arrival of another cousin’s child on the first of this month, plus I called my mother to talk about it.

I asked my mother and sister out to dinner for absolutely no reason at all except just to have dinner with them.

I still like my free time, and I find that I have far too little of it these days. However, I don’t find the time spent with my family to be wasted time. Who knows…it’s probably time for me to grow.

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  1. Krissy says:

    You are becoming a softy.

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