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Loot List – Christmas ’09

I haven’t seen any loot lists this year. People either have better things to post about, or they are slacking off from their blogs as I have been for a while now. However, I will now regale you with my … Continue reading

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Remembering Vacation

I was on vacation from the time I left work on Christmas Eve until the morning of January 4th. In an effort to help me remember what went on during vacation, I thought I’d document daily highlights here. Apparently this … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

See, here’s the beauty of plans instead of resolutions. Nobody bats an eye when you change your plans. If you change your resolutions, though, you essentially break your original ones. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with: What if … Continue reading

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Now is the time of year when people are posting their resolutions. I do not use the term ‘resolution’ unless it is something I truly resolve to do, something I will not fail at, something at the foremost of my … Continue reading

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