Loot List – Christmas ’09

I haven’t seen any loot lists this year. People either have better things to post about, or they are slacking off from their blogs as I have been for a while now. However, I will now regale you with my amazing memory of what I got for Christmas.

Ted Dekker’s Green
Ted Dekker and Erin Healy’s Burn
Mark Schultz’s Come Alive
Jeremy Camp’s Speaking Louder Than Before
Warren Barfield’s Worth Fighting For
Big Daddy Weave’s Christ is Come
Sport Coat
Bacon Salt
Tiger calendar
Munchkin card game

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  1. Candace says:

    Jeremy Camp is one of my favorite artists! Did you know that he is headlining the WAY-FM “Speaking Louder Than Before” tour with Chasen, Jason Gray, and The Afters? They are also giving away a FREE Jeremy Camp download! Just click on this link http://www.givmusic.com/2009/11/free-download-from-jeremy-camp/ for the free download. You can also watch a music video, check out upcoming tour information to see if they are coming to your city, AND purchase your tickets.

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