2010 Vacation – First: Brewer to Branson

On Friday night we drove down to Portland to spend the night. We knew the plane left Portland at 6:30 AM, and we weren’t making the drive Saturday morning. We stopped at Red Robin in Augusta so I could have a Royal Red Robin burger. I love those things.

We dropped my car off at the Doughty’s house so we wouldn’t have to pay a week’s worth of parking fees at the Portland airport. Scoob brought us to the Courtyard by Marriott where we had one night in a beautiful room and only a couple hours, all said and done, when we were conscious to enjoy it.

Our checked luggage was 61 lbs, so Delta was going to charge us an extra $90 fee. We decided to juggle some items around and transferred 12 lbs into our carry on. The carry on became rather bulky.

The flights were perfect. I thought the first one, to Atlanta, was actually kind of roomy. I had an aisle seat and my wife sat in between me and a young man who has been in the Marines for about a year. There were a couple of his Marine buddies on the plane and an older man in fatigues. We were safe from terrorists.

We were starving and had a 4 hour layover in Atlanta, so we hit Popeye’s for a meal and Ben & Jerry’s for dessert. Popeye’s was at 10 AM, but we had already been up for 6 hours, so it didn’t feel like chicken and biscuits for breakfast.

Atlanta had wifi, but I couldn’t get a good connection. It had electrical outlets for the laptop, but I didn’t see it until it was almost time to go. I read while Krissy tried to nap. We were both rather distracted from our goals by everything that goes on in an airport. Plus, there was a Delta credit card booth by us and the workers were constantly trying to get passers-by to sign up. Sucky job.

The flight from Atlanta to Springfield was smaller, but I had a window seat. Unfortunately I was too tired to really spend much time looking out. I sorta, mighta barely fallen asleep a couple times.

The Springfield airport is rather small, so we had no trouble finding Krissy’s grandfather and our checked luggage. As far as we could tell, nothing was missing from the luggage. Success.

We were planning on being treated to Lambert’s, home of the Throwed Roll [sic], however the wait was almost an hour. We were driven to Branson and taken to Panera instead. I know people really like their Panera, but when you’re expecting Lambert’s, Panera just isn’t all that.

We got a bit of a road tour of hilly Branson before we made it to the resort. We unpacked and then were taken to Harrison AR to get the truck we were borrowing. The drive is through the Ozark Mountains and is quite scenic.

We got back to the resort, unpacked, and got comfortable. I tried to set up the internet connection, but the computer wasn’t playing nice (it does that sometimes, even when the internet connection itself is fine). I got tired of fiddling around and we read the rest of the night.

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