School is Wrapping Up

May 2010 is finally here. On the 15th, my wife graduates from college. She has worked incredibly hard for the last 5 years, part time and then full time, to accomplish this goal. I know it might seem like it from some of the nurses you meet, but colleges don’t just give away a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

School is wrapping up (actually, today she takes her last tests), but there are few, if any, nursing jobs around. Hey, remember that nursing shortage we had and were told would last for many years? Well…not so much. Nursing shortage, meet healthcare crisis and overhaul. Meet hospital downstaffing, nurses staying put in their current positions, and therefore a lack of new positions to be had. Meet the State of Maine, where the state doesn’t pay its hospitals for taking care of its state-insured patients.

The job search is on. Until very recently, the only places she has been able to apply to were out of state. Will we be moving to Virginia? That would be nice, actually. Or, could she be hired at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota? Cold, but acceptable.

School is wrapping up, but the future is extremely uncertain. It’s like rushing full tilt toward the edge of a cliff.

What’s over the edge?

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