Loot List – Christmas 2010

A lot of items have come off my wish list this year, between finding the rare ones myself, my birthday, and Christmas. CDs seem to be the slowest moving item on the list. I should probably start rounding these up when I get a chance. This year, ThinkGeek provided many of my birthday and Christmas presents.

Sport coat with elbow patches – This one is brown corduroy with brown elbow patches. Check that off my wish list.

Sweater vest

Uncle Oinker’s Savory Bacon Mints – From ThinkGeek.

J&D’s BaconPop popcorn – From ThinkGeek.

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure – “It’s a mad dash through Meatland on your way to the frying pan! Join Mr Bacon on a mouth-watering mosey through Meatland! On your journey, you’ll have to navigate your way through the Mustard Marsh, cross the eerie expanse of the Wiener Wasteland and sail on the Sausage Sea. If you make it past the deceptive detour of Vegan Alley and avoid getting grounded in Gristle Grotto, you just might make it to the Great Frying Pan at the end of the trail. Good luck on your high cholesterol journey!” From ThinkGeek.

Strawberry ChapStick (x2)

Chewbacca noisemaker – From ThinkGeek

Critical Hit Flashing D20 – From ThinkGeek

iTunes gift card ($15)

Swedish Fish – Christmas colors, red and green

The Big Bang Theory Season 1 and 2

Kill A Watt – Electricity usage monitor – From ThinkGeek

T-Shirts: [Ba][Co][N], Bazinga, Capt. Hammer, and 42 – From ThinkGeek

Miniatures: Almaran the Gold, Black Legionnaire, Overladen Henchman, Loryn Stormblade, Bergun Sunblaze, Praying Paladin, Gronk Spliteyte, and Mash Half-Ogre.

Blurt – The Uproarious word race game.

WOW Worship—Red (2004)

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