How I Spent My Vacation, part 2

Part 1

Thursday, May 19th

We used our free tickets to go to a plantation. Granted, this plantation was the one preferred by the Charleston Visitor’s Center (the same place that messed up our tour times the previous day), but when we requested a plantation walk we were (again) thinking about sprawling gardens with flowers in every color of the rainbow. We got a walk through someone’s forested back yard. So-and-so played here and the pastor/owner penned many of his sermons from here…. However, the place was severely lacking in flowers.

After the plantation walk, we went shopping at a Tanger Outlet. I liked the setup of the outlet area. We didn’t end up buying too much, which is different for our shopping day. I got a belt.

Friday, May 20th

Happy birthday to my wife! This was our day to just bum around the resort and bask in the warmth of SC along the beach…which led to both of us getting sunburnt. The sun drained us so we took a nap and woke up sore. I figured I would just be uncomfortable from my sunburn, but it was very uncomfortable sleeping the next few nights. We went to dinner at the Edisto Pavilion, an overpriced restaurant on the beach. Krissy’s pasta had shrimp, which she was sick of by that point in the vacation. I had a small steak, which fulfilled my craving.

Saturday, May 21st

I’m fine sitting around doing nothing. That’s part of vacation for me. Krissy, however, wanted to go do something. We figured Beaufort wasn’t too far away, just the next peninsula over, so we’d go check it out. It was kind of a spontaneous decision with no expectations, so it couldn’t disappoint us. The drive was a little longer than we expected, and the city is small, but there are quite a few things packed into it. Krissy had her first experience at a Chick-fil-A. We stopped at a chocolate shop that she had scouted out and bought a bunch more candy. They had a pack of chocolates shaped for nurses and the instruments they use. Apparently the pack was in the sun on the way home because two of the instruments melted in the car.

Sunday, May 22nd

We checked out relatively early and drove through SC, VA, WV, MD, and into PA before stopping for the night. We stayed at a Fairfield by Marriott and they seemed overexcited to have us there. I got two emails and a small card in the mail all thanking us for choosing them.

Monday, May 23rd

We finally arrived home after another long day of driving. We went through the rest of PA, NY, CT, MA, NH and into Maine. The house hadn’t burned down, and nobody had stolen the copper out of the house while we were gone. I consider that a win.

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