How I Spent My Vacation

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
How I Spent My Spring Vacation
How I Spent My Vacation

Saturday, May 14th

After 15 hours of driving through Maine, NH, Mass, Conn, NY, Penn, MD, WV, and VA, we stopped in Fredericksburg for the night. Highlights include fog in Pennsylvania so thick that I couldn’t see 10 yards in front of me. Also, it was torrentially down-pouring in Fredericksburg. All the hotels at our first stop were full due to weddings and graduations. We were told not to bother stopping at the next exit, either.

Sunday, May 15th

It was another long day of driving, but we made it to the resort. Along the way we stopped to eat at a very unimpressive Hardees. That night we ate at an Edisto Beach restaurant called McConkey’s Jungle Shack. The food was pretty good, and the ambiance of the screened in porch was great.

Monday, May 16th

I woke up before the SC sun. Apparently the sun gets up an hour later in SC than it does in Maine. Also, we went for an extremely long walk on Edisto Beach. We kept thinking a resort-owned rest/bathroom area was coming up just around the next bend in the beach. We took a lot of bends and never made it to the rest area. We wondered back through town instead of back via the beach and stumbled upon Whaley’s, a little hole-in-the-wall type restaurant and bar.

Tuesday, May 17th

We explored what I liked to call “the Strip” of the island. This included one long building with a pizzaria, a movie rental store (not open until 2PM), an administrative office, a candy store, and a nails/massage office. We had some pizza and bought a bunch of candy. The rest of the day was spent mostly relaxing and reading.

Wednesday, May 18th

We got up early for a trip to historic Charleston. We bought tickets to what we were told was a 90 min trip to Ft Sumter and then a 90 min historical Charleston bus tour. We double checked before getting on the first bus and found that the Ft Sumter tour was closer to 3 hours. We couldn’t do that and the bus tour because we had made an appointment to sit through a sales pitch later in the day in exchange for $92 worth of passes and gift cards. Unfortunately, we had put a (refundable) deposit down for the sales pitch or we would have skipped it. We only took the bus tour and were actually a little disappointed in Charleston. Sure, there are old, nice looking buildings with lots of history. However, real estate is at a premium so the houses are rather close together. We enjoyed hearing the historical facts and seeing the local architecture, but there were no wide boulevards or sprawling gardens like I was expecting.

To be continued…

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