Top Five Vacation Mistakes

5 – Timeshare

We finally succumbed and bought into a timeshare type thing. We have enough points to vacation once a year, if we book within 30 days. That is sure to limit our choices, since the good places will probably be booked up by then. However, if we vacation once every two years, the options really open up. I list this as a mistake, but I’m hoping we can make the most of it. Time will tell.

4 – Bur

Walking barefoot on the beach is fun. Stepping on a bur is not. Neither is pulling the bur off your foot with your fingers and thereby jabbing your thumb and causing it to bleed.

3 – Wrong turn

I took a wrong turn onto I 90 West in Massachusetts instead of I 90 East. This caused us to go 15 miles out of our way, but it seemed like a lot further. Apparently there’s not a lot of call for exits on I 90 West after it’s merge with I 84. Sounds like an exciting place.

2 – Mystery foot injury

Somehow on Monday I hurt my left foot. The top felt like it was bruised, like something had fallen on it. Also, the arch is sore. I spent the rest of the week hobbling around our various activities. It has been over a week now and the foot is still sore.

1 – Sunburn

I told myself not to burn. I didn’t listen. I burned on Friday, making Friday, Saturday, and Sunday uncomfortable. It was painful; it was itchy. It was stupid.

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