Loot List 2011

While my wife’s Christmas stocking was filled with Pampered Chef goodies, my stocking was filled with ThinkGeek.

A Conan the Barbarian Sword Letter Opener
Star Wars Chop Sabers
Bacon Flavored Croutons
Bacon Dental Floss
Hematite Adventure Gaming Dice

Gifts included a wonderful assortment:
Kindle Keyboard (3G, WiFi)
Dwarven Dig! Adventure board game
Robo Rally boardgame
Despair, Inc 2012 Custom Calendar
7 inch digital picture frame
Littmann Stethoscope (Navy Blue)
Texas Roadhouse gift card

Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with my old letter opener. It came from Africa, so I don’t feel like throwing it away. The point is broken, though. I think I’ll just stick it in a pen jar and let the top look out at me while I open letters with the Conan sword.

I hope Christmas was wonderful to you and yours!

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