Is anyone else in this current geographical location hot?

Seriously. I’m sweating like Big Bird at a Popeye’s.

Mmm. Love those biscuits!

I just put this shirt on and it is now drenched. The computer monitor is fogging up like the cold winter windshield of a car filled with 5 teenage girls. I had to go to the garage to get a squeegee.

Before my overheated computer circuitry fries, sending a brain-scrambling pulse through the delicate sensor nerves of my baby-soft fingers, I want to take a step back and remember things how they were…before the “incident”…back when all my friends and acquaintances weren’t gibbering morons who hadn’t had their brains supercharged by errant electrical surges.

I will miss you and this time when life was simple and I wasn’t dissatisfied by your mere presence.

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