The Musical Divide

I’m not sure why I have such a fondness for songs about relationship problems.

I’ve only broken up with people three times. One of them wasn’t a big deal, but the other two were heartbreakers. However, these breakups can’t be the reason for my attraction to breakup songs, as they all occurred after my attraction to the music.

Perhaps finding Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet cassette in the coat closet at school was the start of my fondness. A good number of the songs on the tape have to do with just those issues. Perhaps since I liked the music, I liked the subject matter.

This doesn’t always happen to me, especially now that I’m a more circumspect adult. I can appreciate the musical quality of a song while abhorring the lyrics and/or subject matter. Are the lyrics and/or subject matter of the relationship songs really that bad, though?

Take a look at Bryan Adams for an example. He’s one of the artists I really liked in my college years. His music is great, especially for easy-listening fans who have the radio on at work. Most of those fans would probably not have any problem with Bryan Adams’ subject matter as the songs played in the workplace. However, when you really listen to what he’s saying, you hear songs about fornication and infidelity. To me, those themes aren’t something we should be encouraging.

So now we have music that I am fond, regardless of whether I can relate to it or whether I approve of the subject matter.

What’s up with that?

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