Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story. I don’t care if it’s happy or sad, comedy or tragedy, history, fiction, non-fiction, horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, though not fantasy like lots of other people might consider fantasy. I mean adventurers, knights, horses, unicorn, dragons, elves, dwarves, hobbits, fairies, princes, princesses, werewolves, zombies, vampires, but not vampires like sparkly, emo, love-sick vampires. I mean vampires that are afraid of garlic and running water, vampires that are burned by a shaft of sunlight and destroyed when fully exposed to the sun. Vampires that hunger and thirst and feed off people’s throats. Vampires that are pale until they feed, and then they have rosy, red cheeks and are quite affable. Tell me about vampires who have superhuman strength and extraordinary speed.

Tell me a story of love or of loss or of heroics or of nefarious deeds. Tell me a story that you won’t tell any other, and I will laugh or cry, be shocked or angered. I’ll oooh and ahhh and hang on your every word and love every second of it.

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