Vacation 2012 – Part 2

We knew we were going into the mountains, and that “civilization” was pretty much an hour away. When turning off the state route, we drove in between two buildings of a farm. The winding road led us up and around the mountains until we arrived at the resort in the valley.

We checked in and were sent to our room. The building outside was warn. It was stained wood, and the stain was faded. We were on the second floor and there was no elevator (not a big deal, but something to keep in mind for older users). The side wall of the stairs was missing wallpaper and had the stains of some sort of liquid.

We entered the room, and it looked like it hadn’t been updated since it was built. My wife estimated the 40s, but I think it could have been as recent as the 80s. The living room did not have a DVD, though this is 2012 and a DVD player was advertised on the website. The master bedroom had a TV on the wall beside the bed, not directly across from the bed, which would cause neck strain for anyone trying to watch. The second bedroom had an older style TV and a VCR player.

Also of note, the pool area, with multiple pools, some for children, some for adults, and some heated, was closed. For a resort area, which advertises the pool area on the website, and has heated pools, to have those pools closed…without advertising this information on the website, is ridiculous. (We checked the Pools part of the website and the Calendar. No notes.)

The resort is a small community set in the mountains. It advertises for family vacations, and it expecting people of all walks and all ages. However, the resort does not have sidewalks or footpaths for people to use. To walk anywhere on the resort, the guests have to walk on the side of the road…with little shoulder. Besides guest cars coming and going at all times, the resort has busses, vans, and work trucks constantly going from one location to another.

The resort has a hotel on the campus, which seems to be its own separate business. This hotel seems to have been renovated recently and looks rather impressive. The sporting area attached, however, has not been.

Considering the fact that the resort is at least an hour from other attractions, one would think that they would want the attractions on site to be…attractive. We looked at the bowling alley, the pool tables, the pool, the hot tub, and the pool showers. All these areas have been neglected upkeep for quite some time. We also looked at the racquetball courts, but have no basis for comparison of their appearance.

Our room had an ironing board, but no iron (the iron was eventually found, on the last night of our stay, when we took the strainer out from under the sink to dry hand-washed dishes). The DVD player was hooked up to the TV, but we couldn’t get it to work. There were no instructions in the room. We have used multiple types of DVD players before but couldn’t figure this one out.

There were hand typed signs stating that Villa Roma was “no longer” responsible for items in the fridge that weren’t kept cool enough, signs stating that there was a $75 dollar charge for dishes not being done before we left, and signs stating that there was a $100 charge for not checking out on time, no exceptions. These were all unprofessional notices handled with unprofessional signs.

The last particular disappointment of note for Sunday was the meal we had at the on-site restaurant. It was the only eatery open on-site Sunday night, so they kind of had the monopoly. Just like other monopolies, they didn’t seem to care about the quality of the product. My four piece fried chicken came out with pieces so small I thought perhaps they used chickadee instead of chicken. My wife found her ravioli unappetizing. After paying a not-so-moderate price for the poor meal, we went back to the room to wallow in the inadequacy of it all.

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