Nursing Journal Day 3

For my May term course I have to keep a journal of daily events. It’s our first course that’s hands-on with patients. In the end we will qualify as CNAs. That’s the frame of reference for the journal, just so you don’t expect too much. Since I have to keep a journal, why not share it on my blog?

Another step was added to our nursing care plans this morning. It seems pretty involved, but then I realize we haven’t added medications to the care plan yet. They are going to get even more intense soon.

My patient was sleeping until breakfast came, so I was able to get some catch-up research and some preparation research done. I was also able to talk to the nurse more about the patient’s background and how everything is interconnected.

When the hands-on work started it was consistent but more comfortable than yesterday. Not only did we do vital signs, but we also practiced a shift assessment. We are going to be graded on these tomorrow. Too bad we weren’t graded today. My patient was all too willing to let me do whatever I needed for practice. Luckily, I hear tomorrow’s patient is accommodating as well.

I also got practice helping a patient wash up and changing linens. Nothing that sounds too exciting, I’m sure, but things we need to be able to do.

Tomorrow starts the process again, adding more.

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