Nursing Journal Day 6

For my May term course I have to keep a journal of daily events. It’s our first course that’s hands-on with patients. In the end we will qualify as CNAs. That’s the frame of reference for the journal, just so you don’t expect too much. Since I have to keep a journal, why not share it on my blog?

We added some medication research to our care plans this morning. We have to choose the three most important medications on the patient’s list (according to our instructor or the patient’s nurse) and write them up. I think it will be great practice for things we do next semester.

We also had to switch floors, which is good because we had gotten comfortable on the previous floors. There are subtle differences in the layout of the floors, but overall things seem to run pretty much the same. On this other floor, all the oncoming staff listen to prerecorded shift handoffs. I can see some good and some bad in performing patient handoff this way.

I spent a lot of time in my patient’s room today, helping them get washed up and changing the bed linens. There was sponge-bathing (so to speak), lotioning, powdering, and foot washing involved. I know it will be rare for a nurse to have the time to do all that with the patient, so I need to get good at the skills now. I think I’m close to having this one down.

I left report for the oncoming student that our patient should be encouraged to get up and walk around more. I think this a big thing for hospital patients and one that should be encouraged as much as possible. Proper circulation is very important, and you can’t get it by lying in a bed all day.

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