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For my May term course I have to keep a journal of daily events. It’s our first course that’s hands-on with patients. In the end we will qualify as CNAs. That’s the frame of reference for the journal, just so you don’t expect too much. Since I have to keep a journal, why not share it on my blog?

The day started with a seemingly unnecessary drive to the University of Maine, where attendance was taken, we were told where we would next meet, and at what time. There was then a drive to SJH, where I was able to get my badge before we began.

At St Joseph’s Hospital, we again took attendance and went over some general information. We were split up into two groups, half getting computer training and half going on a hospital tour. The computer training was unfortunately disorganized and ill prepared. We did receive some key information on where to find the parts of the patient chart we needed to access.

The hospital tour was helpful in orienting us to break rooms, bathrooms, computer stations, patient boards, and some information that is kept outside the patient rooms. For a tour, it was quite adequate.

With the two groups back together, we pored over our class packet and what is expected of us. It was helpful to know up front what the expectations and grades are based upon.

All in all, I am cautiously looking forward to tomorrow’s start with the patients. I don’t feel I can get everything done in the time allotted, though I will have no idea if that is true until it actually happens. I want to be able to perform my patient activities well from a grading standpoint AND from a patient perspective. I want to fill all my paperwork out completely and correctly. I really want to be able to help my classmates when they need assistance, but I’m not sure if that will happen if there isn’t enough time for me to get my requirements completed.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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