I was merging onto the interstate when the oncoming car in the travel lane started honking his horn and pointing vehemently at the Yield sign in front of me. The odd thing is that I had already timed my entry to pass behind his car, assuming he didn’t slam on his brakes or do something else similarly stupid on the interstate. Also, there was nobody in the passing lane, and he could have easily moved over to let me into the travel lane to let me on if he was worried about my car.

Sometimes I don’t move over if I’m worried about not having a chance to get back in the right lane before my exit, but this guy didn’t get off any of the next 3 exits. He also was distractedly weaving about his lane and completely ignoring the speed limit.

Why get so up in arms about making sure I see one sign while he was ignoring another? What’s this guy’s deal?

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