Loot List ’15

In no particular order:

Leather Jacket
Dremel 4200
A.D. 33 by Ted Dekker
The Christmas Sessions by MercyMe
Hope For All the World by Phillips, Craig, and Dean
Welcome to the New by MercyMe
Miracle by Third Day
Where Strength Begins by Phillips, Craig, and Dean
Beautiful Offerings by Big Daddy Weave
Olive Garden gift card
Giant-Size X-Men #1 cover metal wall hanging
The Amazing Spider-man #137 cover metal wall hanging
TMNT metal wall hanging
Millennium Falcon ACME Techplate metal wall hanging
Darth Vader StarWars socks from ThinkGeek
Star Trek TNG command colors hoodie
Never Deal With a Dragon ShadowRun novel by Robert Charrette
Blood of Aenarion, A Tyrion & Teclis Warhammer novel by William King
Blood Bowl the Omnibus by Matt Forbeck
White Dwarf #82, WFRP introduction cover
StarWars R2-D2 bluetooth speakerphone

Child’s Play candy
StarWars Band-Aids
8 Bit sunglasses
Rubik’s Cube
Pound of Dice
Star Trek paperclips
RFID blocking wallet
Four sets of fingernail clippers (by request)
Chapstick 3 pack

One mystery gift yet to arrive!

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