2020 Introspection

I get a little concerned every time I hear a comment to the effect that someone is ready to write off 2020 and go straight to 2021. First of all, there’s no guarantee that things you won’t like aren’t going to happen next year. People wanted to write off 2019 and were really looking forward to 2020 early last year. Secondly, are you really ready to give up on all the experiences or happiness that you may yet have in 2020?

I know on Mondays, people can’t wait for Friday. In the winter, people can’t wait for spring. How much of your life are you OK writing off? A few days? A few weeks? A couple months? Years? Are you going to be OK looking back on your life and seeing you just “skipped” years of it?

I hope you find something, even one thing, that makes you happy today…and this week…and this month…and sometime in the rest of 2020.

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