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I am in charge!

WOOHOO! Roger is gone and he left me in charge. Please make all checks payable to Eric Burdo. 🙂 Actually, I am just the anti-spam dude… so any spammers out there? Bring it on! My delete button is getting bored! … Continue reading

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WP 1.5.1 Update in Progress

For those who care, there is an upgrade in progress. The theme should be returned shortly, as well as the upgrades for eating spam! ToDo: Main theme – DONE Comments theme – Half-way there Spam Karma – DONE Clickable Smileys … Continue reading

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I… Was Ugly

Here is a rare photo of Roger shortly after he was born. The doctors were a little nervous, but his mother insisted that he was adorable and that she was going to keep him (you can see her hands in … Continue reading

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Another (not-so-hostile) takover? Naaahh

I thought about another attempted hijacking, but after the miserable failure last time, I decided against it.

So, Merry Christmas (a few days late) and enjoy the silence around here. 😈 Continue reading

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(Not So) Important Notice From the Admin

When Roger is away… the Admin will play! 😈 So, what sort of mischief should I do while Roger is gone? He won’t notice until Monday the 29th, so I could wreak all sorts of havoc. First, I am going … Continue reading

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Upgraded to 1.2

From the Admin: is now running WP 1.2. I know, 1.2 has been out for awhile… but we wanted to be safe… Right Roger? Roger… Oh dear… maybe I deleted his account by accident. 😈 Nope, he is still … Continue reading

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Overtired – Revisited

Today is my day to be overtired. I think its the benadryl (non-drowsy, so it is sure to make you sleepy). Why am I posting this? Cause Roger hasn’t written anything, and I like causing trouble. 😈

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Three Posters!

Just to make things interesting, I shall make a post. 😈

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