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About Last Night

For my cousin’s bachelor party dinner, I got to go to Texas Roadhouse, sit at the bar (:sarcastic whoopee:), and watch a married man try to pick up an (I’m almost positive) attached woman. It rather embarrassed me, for my … Continue reading

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Show of Hands

Who else really, really likes tacos?

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Hear-Ye, Hear-Ye!

Let it be known that Cousin Dave has officially threatened me should I post any pictures of him as a child. Therefore I see no other course than to show you this, probably his most infamous childhood photo: (Drawn many … Continue reading

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Back In The Day

:rmfo: There once when a time when Roger and I were young..No laughing it is true! Roger and I spent many a weekends at our grandparents house in a little town known as Eddington, ME. Those were the days! Top … Continue reading

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Filling in a post for Roger

I am sitting here in my squalid little apartment at apx. 8:22 p.m. (eastern time of course) with nothing to do. Then I realize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger has a blog thats being neglected! It is time for nothing special yet something neat … Continue reading

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Case sensitive is the good word….. Like “ouch” or “OUCH” very, very meaningful. I have nothing exciting or thought provoking at this time. WHY YOU ASK?!?!??!? Cuz i am a sucker and got suckered into a 12 hour workday being … Continue reading

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